Specialist in engineering, construction, installation and maintenance of industrial gas analysis systems

Multi Instruments Analytical specializes in engineering, building, installing and maintaining industrial gas analysis systems. We provide gas analysis, oxygen meters, flame monitoring and other analysis technology. Whether you are looking for a replacement part, a Continuous Emission Measurement System (CEMS) or have a complex project in the pipeline, we are here for you!

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Your interest is our interest

Multi Instruments Analytical has been handling industrial gas analysis systems since 1988. We focus on you, our customer. Your interest is our interest. In our portfolio we have several manufacturers of high-quality analysis equipment. We combine their products with our know-how in order to arrive at the perfect solution for your application.

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Passion for technology

We have passion for our technology. Where other companies quit, we see opportunities. We use our unique position in the market. We are not tied to regular suppliers and can therefore offer good prices and the best technical solutions. Whatever your request or assignment, you will always receive a quote within a reasonable period of time.

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24-hour service

We do not stop after a project has been completed. Our 24-hour service department is at your disposal. We not only offer technical support but can also provide answers to standards and legislation. You can always contact us. Whether you want to deal with a change in environmental legislation or looking for a technical solution for your  challenge.

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Full-service package

Multi Instruments Analytical offers a full-service package for your analysis systems. Whether you are looking for routine maintenance or the complete operation and calibration of your CEMS. Our quality assurance is fixed in the ISO 9000 standards and covers all facets of our organization. In addition, we have certified our entire organization for many years VCA * and we are members of the NEN Norm Committee.

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    The answer to your question

    CEMS, Process measurements, Oxygen measurements, Dust particle measurements, Flow measurements, Bio gas measurements, Dioxine measurements en Mercury measurements.


    Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
    Dichlorine (CL2)
    Carbon monoxide (CO)
    Oxygen (O2)
    Water (H2O)
    Sulfur dioxide (SO2)
    Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

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    Component measurement

    Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)
    Hydrogen Chloride (HCL)
    Sulfur dioxide (SO2)
    Carbon dioxide (CO2)
    Carbon monoxide (CO)
    Nitrogen monoxide (NO)
    Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
    Dinitrogen oxide (N2O)
    Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
    Ammonium (NH3)
    Dust breakdown and detection
    Hydrocarbons (CxHy)

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