4 kW Gas fired igniter

Gas fired igniter – Heat release max. 4 kW

  • Compact design with integrated spark transformer and ionisation flame monitor/burner control
  • Built-in flame rod, ideally located
  • No high-voltage cable required on site
  • Guaranteed electromagnetic compatibility
  • Rugged, low-maintenance design
  • Custom outer tube lengths available in 10-mm increments
  • Fuel types include natural gas, conditioned coke oven gas, propane/butane or process gas, according to customer preference and analysis
  • Extremely tight and long pilot flame – no automatic retraction system typically required
  • Class 1, 2 or 3 gas fired igniters according to NFPA also available
  • Also available with flexible outer tube for tilting burners

Technical data:

  • Outer tube diameter: 25mm
  • Flame length (depending on the gas): max. 100mm
  • Outer tube length L: 120 … 4000mm
  • Gas port: Rp 1/4
  • Gas pressure inlet: 20 mbarg, depending on the outer tube length
  • Air port: Rp 3/8, rotatable 4 x 90°
  • Air pressure operating: 20 ± 2 mbarg (up to 2m)


  • Ignition of gas burners up to 500 kW
  • Application in heat treatment plants and where space is limited


Ambient temperatures
-30 ... +60°C
Protection class
IP54 or IP65
Insertion length
120 ... 4000mm