Ammonium analyzer NH3 NH3-N NH4

Ammonium NH3 NH4 analyzer Ion selective ABB

This Ammonium in water analyzer is often applied to water treatment plants. The Aztec 600 ISE ammonium analyzer uses a robust gas sensing ammonia electrode. This for accurate and reliable continuous measurement of the total ammonia nitrogen (TAN) concentration. This is the sum of the gas NH3 and the cation NH4 +. This principle has been used for more than 10 years of experience in water purification to measure the ammonium content. The Ammonium on-line analyzer has the advantage that a continuous value is measured with this measuring principle. There are several ammonium analyzers that have been used 24/7 at water treatment plants in the Netherlands for years. It turns out that this ABB analyzer has minimal maintenance costs. We also offer systems complete with multiple parameters in an analyzer house with automatic filtering and sample flows. Parameters that are often measured in combination are; phosphate, nitrate, dissolved oxygen and dry or total suspended solids.

Main advantages


  • All in all, this analyzer is very accurate in measuring NH3 NH4 content in water
  • continuous measured value due to the ion-selective measuring principle
  • A self-calibrating system
  • In contrast, intuitive software with a color graphic display
  • In addition, this analyzer has data logging and trending of graphical process
  • A secure data archiving to SD card
  • full integration through Multi-Instruments

Wat can we do for you?

  • We can install and commission the measurement for you
  • We also want to carry out maintenance for you
  • We can help you with a question
  • We can supply you with spare parts


Measuring range
0,050 to 1000 ppm NH3 (0,050 to 1000 mg/l)
Measuring principal
Chemical method
Ion selective
IP rating
Power Supply
230V ±10 % 50 ... 60 Hz
Analog outputs
Active, 0/4 ... 20mA; max. load 500Ω
Digital outputs
Relaiscontacts 6 pieces
<±5 % of reading or ±0.02 ppm voor 0.05 to 500 ppm (which one is the biggest)
Afmetingen (H xW x D)
653 x 366 x 430mm
LC dot matrix 5,7"
ca. 15 kg