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Multi Instruments Analytics Cabinet [MIAK]

Multi Instruments Analytics Cabinet [MIAK]

Multi Instruments Analytics Cabinet

STATE OF THE ART EXTRACTIVE ANALYTICS Are you looking for a perfect technical solution for your analytical application? Would you also want the economically best solution? Multi Instruments Analytical offers this best solution with our MIAK. A universal analytics cabinet assembled with the best quality materials and components. Suitable for the utilization of different brands of analyzers. MODULAR CONCEPT The basic MIAK system consists of proved standard modules and, depending on specifi c applications, can be extended with various components. The high quality of your MIAK system is guaranteed.

Some examples of the various possibilities:

  • Up to 3 analyzers to measure maximum 12 components
  • High quality gas cooler
  • Heated sample line
  • Several types of sample probes
  • Intelligent control system for heating circuits
  • Intelligent climate control
  • Hand controlled calibration gas input
  • High quality NOx-convertor applicable
  • Status read-out via display analyzer (depending of applied type analyzer)
  • Clear operating manual conform CE
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Ambient temperatures +5 ... +35°C
Protection class IP54
Supply voltage 230V AC / 50 ... 60 Hz of 3x 230/400V / 50 ... 60 Hz
Analogue outputs 4 ... 20mA, max. belasting 500Ω
Digital outputs 4 relaisuitgangen, max. belasting: 48V DC 30V AC / 0.5 A


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