Biogas analyser H2S CH4 CO2 O2

Biogas analyser H2S CH4 CO2 O2

Biogas analyser for H2S CH4 CO2 O2 and others

The BioBasic is a biogasgas analyser that was developed for the fast and reliable online-gas-measurement in biogas plants.

The BioBasic analyses the quality of the process gas and thus allows the operator an efficient process control to maximize the methane yield. In addition, the BioBasic analyses the H2S content in the process gas. This metric is used to initiate appropriate measures for the protection of gas engines and catalysts. It may also be configurated to your individual needs.

BioBasic Biogas analyser

Measurement of CH4 and CO2 via patented and long-run stable infrared measurement procedures. The measurement of O2 and H2S is effected with electrochemical sensors. An intelligent control provides here the longevity of the sensors. Further the system includes an internal measuring data recording for the later analysis of the measuring data. The BioBasic may be operated manually as well as automatically.

Features of the BioBasic biogas analyser:

  • Measurement of CO2, CH4, O2, H2S and H2
  • Combines NDIR and EC sensors
  • Up to four internal measuring points
  • Wall installation on location
  • LTCS: long term calibration stability (patented)
  • Digital & Analogue output available
  • Touchscreen interface via central display

Benefits of the BioBasic biogas analyser:

  • Measurements of CH4 and H2S
  • CO2 & O2 optional
  • Easy control via touch panel
  • Error description in plain text
  • Flexible data transfer
  • Up to 5 measuring points
  • Long term calibration stability
  • High efficiency at low service costs


Measuring range
CH4: 0 ... 100 Vol%
H2S: 0 ... 2000 ppm
CO2: 0 ... 65 / 100 Vol%
O2: 0 ... 25 Vol%
Measuring principle
NDIR / electrochemical cells
Ambient temperatures
+5° ... +45°C
Standard RS-232
Optional: RS-485 (Profibus DP), Ethernet (Modbus TCP / Ethernet IP), Profinet
Protection class
Supply voltage
230V AC / 50 Hz
Analogue outputs
4x 4 ... 20mA
Programmable & galvanically isolated
Digital outputs
2 outputs: *OK* / *Fault*
4 outputs: Programmable
Digital inputs
4 inputs: 24V AC / DC
< 1,5 - 3 % from value as well as
< 1 % from upper range value
Dimensions (H x W x D)
400 x 400 x 220mm (wall cabinet)
Touchscreen 128 x 64 pixels (white / blue)
Max. flow
4 l/min