D-R 220 Dust and opacity monitor

D-R 220 Dust and opacity monitor

D-R 220 is ideally suited for monitoring medium to high dust concentration on smaller plants and in process applications.

The device operates using the double-pass method according to the auto-collimation principle. The light beam traverses the measuring distance twice. The attenuation of the light beam by the dust content in the measuring section is measured and evaluated. A durable LED serves as light source.


  • Automatic self check
  • Extremely low maintenance thanks to durable LED
  • Remote access possible
  • Cost-efficient and space-saving measuring system in the well-known DURAG quality


  • Non-compliant device for monitoring dust concentration in processes or smaller plants
  • Incineration plants, heating stations, power stations
  • Boiler plants in industry, barracks, hospitals, schools
  • Dedusting and filter plants
  • Process monitoring



Measuring range
0...100% OP
0...1.6 Ext
0 ... 10000 mg/m³dust
Measuring principle
Measuring the optical transmission of visible light which passed a measuring path twice
Ambient temperatures
-20 ... +50°C
RS 485
Bus protocol
Modbus RTU
Protection class
Channel diameter
0.4 ... 10m
Supply voltage
85 ... 264V AC, 46 ... 63 Hz
Analogue outputs
0/4 ... 20mA, max. load 400Ω
Digital outputs
2 relay outputs 30 VA, max. 48 V/ 0.5A
QAL1 certificaat
Measuring gas temperature
-20...200 °C (-4…392 °F) standard
-20…600 °C (-4...1112 °F) option
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Measuring head: 150 x 132 x 214mm
Reflector: 126 x 132 x 101mm
Measuring head: 2.7 kg
Reflector: 1.6 kg