Dissolved oxygen water

dissolved oxygen water measurement

With this oxygen measurement, users benefit from the optical DO system with plug-and-play connectivity, as well as automatic sensor recognition/set-up, predictive diagnostics and improved measurement accuracy. The unique thing about this dissolved oxygen measurement is that no interim calibration is required. We also have an automatic cleaning unit for extremely dirty water. The dissolved oxygen water meter is economical to purchase and maintain. In practice it has been shown that this oxygen measurement can continuously measure the dissolved oxygen content in highly polluted (waste) water. Various wastewater treatment plants in the Netherlands already use this measurement. This DO measurement therefore offers a lot of certainty at a WWTP. If the sensor cap needs to be replaced, it comes calibrated from the factory and you can quickly continue measuring.

Calibration-free measuring sensor for dissolved oxygen according to the luminance method.

Relevant measurements: turbidity, ammonium, nitrate


0-20 ppm (mg/l)
IP raiting
power supply
100 to 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
Analog outputs
Active, 0/4 ... 20mA; max. load 500Ω
Digital outputs
Relais contact s
± 0.1 mg/L
± 0.1 ppm
± 1 %
4 digits



  • Automatic sensor recognition on the oxygen meter transducer
  • No calibration required
  • The dissolved oxygen sensor is drift free
  • Minimum installation time
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Very good performance in dirty water such as at WWTP

What can we do for you?

  • We can install and commission the measurement for you
  • Perform maintenance for you on this Ammonium analyzer
  • We can help you if you have a question
  • We can supply you with spare parts