ISOkinetic sampling Tecora

Isokinetic Sampling Tecora

Our isokinetic sampling probe from Tecora complies with the standard EN 13284-1. This divisible probe is designed to perform isokinetic sampling according to EN13284-1 “Determination of dust at low concentrations”. The divisible monotube probes can be used in those application where it is not possible or not convenient to use an integrated probe. These isconetic sampling probes have been developed in accordance with the “Determination of dust concentration at low concentrations” according to EN 13284-1.

The 90° curve allows the filter holder to be mounted parallel in the gas flow, which gives easy sampling and reduced flush volume, and which reduces the uncertainty for measurement of low concentrations. In isokinetic sampling, extension tubes are available that are connected to the power tube and to each other to build the desired length probe.

We supply flanges as spare parts. The flange is designed to install split probes on all types of stacks.
It consists of 2 parts:
– Stack section mounted on chStack
– Probe part designed to install a divisible probe and an integrated Pitot tube, in parallel to perform isokinetic sampling according to international standards.

Main Featers

De most importent featers of the Isokinetic sampling probe from Tecora

  • Complies with international test methods: EN13284-1, US EPA M17, ISO9096.
  • Built-in AISI 316 stainless steel or titanium
  • The probe is made by screwing a vertical or horizontal sampling connection with an extension of 1 m
    pipe, allowing the length of the probe to be adapted to any stack diameter with easy transport to
    each location of the sampling port.
  • Compatible with all instack accessories (filter holders, impactors).


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volgens de norm EN 13482-1
Prolongation tubes
1 meter
Stack flang
optional universal