Phosphate analyser ABB in water AW636

Phosphate PO4 analyzer ABB AW636

The ABB aw636 phosphate analyzer provides reliable and very accurate measurements of phosphate concentrations. This is done at a low level for a wide range of applications. We see the phosphate analyzer in applications from drinking water influent to waste water effluent. In addition, the phosphate meter is inexpensive to purchase and maintain. We also supply systems in this market segment for Ammonium and Nitrate, as well as pH and disolved oxygene

Main features

Main important features and benefits of this ABB Phosphate analyser:

  • Strong savings on the use of chemicals possible
  • All in all, this ABB analyzer is very accurate in measuring the phosphate content in water
  • In addition, the analysis of up to 3 sample flows is possible
  • On the other hand, there is automatic two-point calibration
  • The automated sample dilution to maximize the measuring range
  • A self-cleaning measuring system
  • On the other hand, intuitive software with a graphical color display
  • In addition, this ABB analyzer has data logging and trending of graphic process
  • Secure data archiving to SD card
  • The analyzer has a protection class of IP31 (Drip-proof type I)

What can we do for you?

  • It is possible to install and commission the measurement for you
  • Do the maintenance for you
  • We can help you with a question
  • We can supply you with spare parts

View here our Ammoniak analyser

Other parameters as Phosphate and Amonium are: Nitrate, pH, Disollved oxygene, Turbidity



Measuring range
0 to 30 ppm PO4 (0 to 50 mg/L)
measuring principal
Chemical methode optical
Phosphomolybdenum bue
IP Rating
Power supply
230V ±10 % 50 ... 60 Hz
Analoge outputs
Active, 0/4 ... 20mA; max. load 500Ω
Digitale outputs
Relais contacts 6
<±5 % of reading or ±0.005 ppm (the largest)
Afmetingen (H x w x D)
653 x 366 x 430mm
LC dot matrix 5,7"
ca. 15 kg


Phosphate in water analyser
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AZTEC 600 series ABB
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