Smoldering Fire detection with SILOTEC

Smoldering fire detection with the Silotec from Enotec

Before starting a fire that may trigger a fire detection, it is better to detect smoldering fire. The Enotec Silotec has been specially developed for measuring in a coal silo. This is due to the danger of smoldering, which can cause a fire. However, there are other applications where a flammable situation could arise in a silo. A Silotec from Enotec measures the most important component for smoldering, CO. The second most important gas molecule is O2 because it gives an indication of the inert conditions in a silo. This is always related to CO when there is a fire. So, O2 and CO are measured simultaneously, and smoldering fire can be detected with the Silotec. the efficiency of the inertization can also be monitored. The Silotec complies with Atex zone 20. The system has a fast response time to be able to respond in time if danger threatens.

Main features

Main important features and benefits of this Enotec Silotec sensor:

  • Rapid smoldering fire monitoring and inertization in silos
  • Direct CO and O2 measurement for ATEX Zone 20
  • Plug & Play turnkey solution for silos
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Functional safety: certified according to SIL2
  • Automated self-diagnosis and self-cleaning
  • Simple retrofit solution


  • Silos for coal
  • Silos for fire hazardous products



2 x 0-2 % O2 to 0-25 % O2
0 to 5000 ppm COe
Zirconium oxide for O2
MXP for COe
Ambient Temperature
-20 °C to +55 °C
IP Rating
Probe: IP65 <> Electronica: IP66
Power Supply
230V ±10 % 50 - 60 Hz
Analoge outputs
2x 4 – 20 mA; potential-free; 500 Ω max.
Digitale outputs
Relais contact; 24V AC/DC, 1 A
O2 ± 0,2% of measured value
COe better then 5% of range
Dimensions (H x W x D) sensor
640 x 440 x 430 mm
18 kg


oxygene COe burner
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