conductivity process

Hamilton conductivity measurement

The Hamilton sensors are available in various designs. First, there are two pool cells. Secondly, Hamilton also has the four pole version, and lastly magnetic field sensors. In addition, there are versions with a low K value. These are particularly suitable for low measuring values. There are also Hamilton conductivity sensors for measurement at high pressure. We also supply versions that are suitable for, for example, the food industry CIP. In addition, Hamilton has special sensors such as increased resistance and also other materials. In short, a nice complete package.




measuring range conductivity
0 to 1.999 µS/cm tot 0 to 2000 mS/cm
Conductive 2 en 4 pole, and inductif
IP Raiting
Power Supply
100 tot 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
Analog outputs
Active, 0/4 ... 20mA; max. load 500Ω
Digital outputs
Relais contact
depending on range
4 digits


Video retractable ahousing
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We have listed a number of features for you:

  • The various versions of the Hamilton sensors make a large range possible
  • Versions with low cell constant are particularly suitable for measurements from 0 to 1.999 µS/cm
  • Four-pole version, for example for measuring conductivity with heavy contamination
  • Separate measuring principle for extreme pollution as well as seawater measurement
  • Conductivity measurement for in a tank, pipe or in open water
  • Conductivity measurement at high pressure: 20bar / 300 psi
  • Versions with a temperature range up to 150 °C

Wat can we do for you?

  • We can install and commission the measurement for you
  • We also want to carry out maintenance for you
  • We can help you with a question
  • We can supply you with spare parts