Formaldehyde Gas Analyser GA315

Formaldehyde Gas Analyser GA315

The GA315 allows easy online measurement of IR-active substances in gas streams having temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius, e. g. formaldehyde concentrations in combustion processes.

The GA315 is used for formaldehyde measurements in the exhaust of gas engines on biogas or landfill gas plants, measurements of gas constituents that are usually not captured without loss when using a gas cooler.


Measuring range
CH2O: 0 ... 200 mg/m³
CH4: 0 - 7000 mg/m³
Measuring principle
Ambient temperatures
+5° ... +45°C
Standard RS-232
Optional: RS-485 (Profibus DP), Ethernet (Modbus TCP / Ethernet IP), Profinet
Protection class
Supply voltage
230V AC / 50 Hz
Analogue outputs
4x 4 ... 20mA
Programmable & galvanically isolated
Digital outputs
1 relay contact: *Ready* max. 48V / 500 mA
4 relay contacts: max. 48V / 500 mA
Digital inputs
6 inputs: 24V AC / DC
< 5 % of the measured value
Detection limit
CH2O: 4 mg/m³
CH4: 200 mg/m³
Heat up time
max. 30 min. (at 20°C)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
132.5 x 483 x 400mm
7” (840 x 640 pixels) touchscreen, Windows CE 5.0 R3
Max flow
4 l/min



  • NDIR-based detection of Formaldehyde within 0-2 g/m³
  • Compensation of Methane and humidity
  • Advanced sensor electronics with increased signal resolution for the lowest detection limits
  • Includes power supply and control of heated line
  • Long-term calibration stability (patented)
  • Analog and digital output protocols available
  • Protected data logging available
  • Touchscreen interface via large 7″ WVGA color display
  • UV-based detection upon request


  • Directly measured value display
  • Measuring principle NDIR
  • High long term stability
  • Regulation of a heated sample gas line
  • Easy handling
  • Data communication via intregrated computer

Fields of applications:

  • Industries
  • Waste management facilities
  • Energy production
  • Monitoring
  • Motor production