durag-d-r-909 for wet flue gases

Durag-d-r-909 for wet flue gases


The Durag D-R 909 Dust meter for wet flue gas applications Dust meter for wet flue gas based on the scattered light measuring principle.

The Durag D‑R 909 is an extractive dust measurement system, which is mounted directly on the smoke channel. The sample is heated so that all residual moisture evaporates. The remaining sample will be offered to the measuring cell for determination of the substance concentration

The determination of the substance concentration is based on Forward scattering


0 ... 7,5 mg/m³ / 0 ... 200 mg/m³
Higher on request
Ambient Temperature
–20 °C ... +60 °C
possible interfaces
IP Raiting
IP54 / EN 60529
IED 2010/75/EU, EN 15267-1/-2/-3, EN 14181,
13th / 17th / 27th / 30th / 44th BImSchV, TA Luft
Power Supply
115 ... 250V AC / 47 ... 63 Hz
Analog Outputs
1x 0/2/4 ... 20mA, max. Load 750Ω;
Galvanic isolated, optinal second output
Digital outputs
4 Relaism contacts: 250V, 1 A
Pre-set for fault, warning, limit value and maintenance
Digitale inputs
1 input: Potential-free, for maintenance switch
≤ 2 % from measuring range
QAL1 certificaat
to come
EN 15267-3 certificaat
to cme
Respons time
0,1 s ... 600 s free adjustable
Electrical safetty



The analyzer for the determination of dust in wet flue gases

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Features Durag D-R 909 Wet flue gas dust meter :

  • For very small to medium dust concentrations
  • Extraction and return of the gas combined in one probe
  • Control for contamination
  • Automatic zero and reference point check

Advantages Durag D-R 909 Dust meter for wet flue gas :

  • Reliable dust analysis in wet flue gases
  • No contact between moving parts and the gas, so low maintenance
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy installation due to compact design
  • Low energy consumption

Applications Durag D-R 909 Dust meter for wet flue gas :

  • Control of treatment plants (wet process)
  • Measurement in saturated gas after flue gas desulphurization
  • Registration of the dust concentration in wet exhaust air